Operating System

Research & Development


EAST LINE  is constantly making in-depth insights into the unique consumer demands of emerging markets, devising product roadmaps and high-tech R&D that is tailored to local needs.

Focused on “localized technology innovation”, EAST LINE seeks to offer users in emerging markets a differentiated value proposition.

Business Regions


EAST LINE’s business is around the world. Currently, it has sold and serviced many customers in 10+ countries and regions in North America, South America, Europe Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia, including Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Nigeria, Egypt, the UAE (Dubai), United Kingdom, Spain, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea and others.

Supply Chain Management


Each link of supply chain is crucial to ensure high quality products. EAST LINE has regarded supply chain as an important component since its establishment. Therefore, EAST LINE has highly efficient scoring and review systems, which include strict quality standards set up for checking the entire incoming materials, also a series of fundamental and rigorous criteria when selecting suppliers.

EAST LINE has built strong and close relationships with top suppliers across the world. Plus, there is a cross-platform information system to ensure accurate information and timely delivery. We also share information with suppliers to guarantee smooth operations of each business processes. These measures help to control cost effectively and respond to the market needs promptly. Thus, we believe that working side by side with our suppliers will make our products eternal legend.

Apply to be a Supplier
EAST LINE always puts the product quality as priority. Therefore, we want our suppliers to be leading players in their respective field. We look forward to working with the best suppliers who are able to outrun international rivals and pursue sustainable development as well. Our suppliers largely support us with innovation, reliable service, on time delivery and market pricing, etc. In return, we have established a long-term equal and mutual beneficial partnership with them.
If you want to become a supplier of EAST LINE, and if you meet all basic requirements as listed below, please send your company profile to this email address: [email protected] .

Basic requirements for product and brand:
1. Good brand reputation and recognition in the industry;
2. Excellent product quality and strict product quality control systems for manufacturer;
3. Perfect on-sale and after-sale services;
4. Products can meet all kinds of mandatory certificates, regulations and requirements (certificates of CE, ROSH, etc. are requisite).

Basic requirements for suppliers:
1. Provide competitive price and policy to guarantee sufficient production capacity and stable supply;
2. Accept payment on term or bank acceptance;
3. Agencies are requested to provide valid products authorization; Manufacturers are requested to provide product trademark registration;
4. Provide valid company documents (such as Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, and Organization Code Certificate);
5. Own general taxpayer qualification; for all supplied products, provide value-added tax invoices, the content of which should be in consistent with the actual purchased goods;
6. Provide excellent after-sales service support.