3G 4G LTE IP Phone VoIP Business Fixed Wireless Telephone Set

Model: ECG-IP501

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3G 4G LTE IP Phone 2 SIP VoIP Phone Business Telephone Set with LTE SIM function.

Model: ECG-IP501

1) 2.8″ 132*64 high-definition LCD screen with backlight.
2) HD sound quality: HD encoding, HD speakers, HD handle.
3) Support multiple languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian, etc.
4) Support double-angle desktop bracket, optional wall-mounted.
3) 2 SIP accounts, support local tripartite conference, SMS.
4) 2×10/100M LAN/PC Ethernet port, support POE, 1xRJ9 handle port. 1xRJ9 earphone port.
5) Support XML/LDAP, contact lookup function, etc.
6) Support remote automatic upgrade, HTTP/TFTP/FTP, Tr069.
7) 4G frequency band: FDD-LTE B2/B4/B12; UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B2/B5.
3G LTE is also available.

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