Cordless Phone DECT 2.4G Cordless Telephone Handset

Model: ECG-D02 BK

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Cordless Phone with DECT 1.8G-19G, 2.4G or 6.0G cordless frequency.

Model: ECG-D02 BK


Functional Characteristics:
1. 3 line LCD display.
2. Each base unit can connect up to five phones;
Each phone can connect up to four landline.
3. 16 languages choice.
4. Pre-dial, redial function.
5. Caller ID can store 29 groups of incoming calls.
6. 50 groups phone book (up to 12 letters, 20 digits).
7. Call transfer between two handsets, internal calls.
8. Three way calling (2 cell phones and a third-party telephone).
9. 10 ringtones selection.
10. Ringtone / handsfree / handset volume adjustable.
11. Different incoming callers can choose a different ringtone.
12. Limit dialing function.
13. LCD backlight.
14. Keypad lock function.
15. Mute function.
16. Working light.

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