Digital voice recording wired phone maximum 32GB TF memory card

Model: ECG-800

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Digital voice recording wired phone maximum 32GB TF memory card Telephone recording devices

Model ECG-800      MOQ 1000 pieces

1) FSK / DTMF dual system optional.
2) 12 digits LCD screen. 50 groups 8 digits incoming call records and 17 groups 8 digits outgoing call records check. (16 digits is optional).
3) Real week, date and time display.
4) Different ringtones optional, ringer and hands-free volume adjustment.
5) 8 groups of 12 digits numbers one touch speed memory keys.
6) Standard with a micro TF memory card with a capacity of 32GB and a recording time of up to 2240 hours. The default recording format is Wav.
7) OGM recording/playback; message/playback, with overtime long recording function.
8) Message online playback and response recording (TF card required).
9) Playback password setting,3 groups of recordable voice alarm functions.
10) Recordings can be queried according to the recording order, recording time, and recording number.
11) Take off the hook to play back the recording.
12) New calls, confidentiality, outgoing instructions; Pre-dial, cancel and call back functions.
13) Forced recording function.
14) 20 groups of 12-bit blacklist can be set.
15) PC software management functions.
16) You can choose whether to update the time on incoming calls.
17) Recording LED indication, intelligent backlight.
18) Headphone function.
19) Accessories: each gift box including 1 pc X telephone base, 1 pc X handset,1 pc X 32GB TF card, 1 pc X 2M Coil Cord, 1 pc X 1.5M tel line, 1pc X power adapter, 1 pc X user manual etc..

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