GSM Phone Desktop Landline Telephone

Model: ECG-904

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GSM Phone Desktop Landline Telephone.

Model: ECG-904

1. Support GSM standard: GSM 900 MHz / DCS 1800 MHz & GSM 850 MHz/ PCS 1900 MHz.
2. Support high quality voice service (FR, EFR, HR’s speech coding).
3. Support emergency call.
4. Support caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold on and other supplement service.
5. Short message service and multi-language, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, French, and Chinese etc..
6. Telephone book.
7. Support DTMF twice dialing.
8. Personal individuation volume setting.
9. Support chord ring tone selection.
10. Screen back light.
11. Indoor antenna, integration antenna.
12. Supply rechargeable battery.
13. Support mobile 3G card.
14. 20 pieces in one carton box.
15. Accessories: each gift box including 1 piece X telephone base, 1 piece X handset, 1 piece Coil Cord, 1 piece battery, 1 piece power adapter, and user manual etc..

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