In Stock GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal FWT support 1 SIM or 2 SIMs

Model: FWT-950S

In Stock


In Stock GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal FWT support 1 SIM or 2 SIMs

Model: FWT-950S      Small MOQ 50 pcs to 1000 pcs

GSM FWT Fixed Wireless Terminal with outside SMA antenna and two RJ11 ports.

You can dial the local calls, domestic and international calls with this terminal, connecting with a common wired phone and a SIM card.
Dimensions: 159MM X 99MM X 38MM.
1. Support quad band frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz (Industrial Module item).
2. Power: DC 5V Voltage, 48 standby hours, 2 – 6 hours talk time,
consumption — Static≤25MA, emission≤500MA.Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
3. Receive sensitivity: -104db.
4. Antenna increment: all directions 5.0db, certain/selection: 12db.
5. Dial the local calls, mobile phone calls, international calls and special free calls.
8. Support modem mode and cost rate setting.
9. No need to dial area code when calling local numbers.
10. Automatically card-locking and net-locking enable.
11. Caller ID display, time and date display, power indicatory on LCD.

More Specifications:

1. No need to invest in the ground cable line, using SIM mobile phone SIM card, easy to be installed.
2. Support international and domestic, local fixed / mobile voice service.
3. No need to change the original dialing way, and with the same operating way as ordinary telephones.
4. With reverse polarity signal, can be connected to the billing or use computer billing.
5. Built-in watchdog duty circuit, automatic detection equipment running state, automatically restart if any fault occured.
6. DTMF transmission model, support caller ID.
7. Standard communication voltage, can be connected with PABX.
8. Full automatic IP function, and multi IP settings.
9. Fixed long-distance automatic insertion of calling IP prefix, such as 17951, 17911, 193 etc..
10. Permission settings of different calling, such as internal call, domestic call etc..
11. Preset of local area code, forbidden number and number section.
12. Encryption settings, such as PIN code, PUK code encryption card lock function.
13. LED lamp indication light, standby status, working status etc..
14. Support power off working (need to add built-in battery).

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