Multi-feature Big Buttons Analog Telephone

Model: ECG-323

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Multi-feature Big Buttons Analog Telephone with 3 one touch PHOTO memory keys, and braille raised characters.

Model: ECG-323

High Quality Corded Telephone Sets for Office, Home and Hotel.
1) 10 groups of double touch memory keys.
2) 3 groups of one touch speed PHOTO memory keys.
3) Dial keys with braille.
4) Handset volume control switch with 2 levels: high and low.
5) Visual ring LED indicator when you have an incoming call.
6) Redial the last dialed numbers.
7) Function keys: Redial, Flash, Memo, Store.
8) Ringer volume control switch, and Pulse/Tone switch.
9) Accessories: each gift box including 1 pc X telephone base, 1 pc X handset, 1 pc X 2M Coil Cord, 1 pc X 1.5M tel line, 1 pc X user manual etc.

Shenzhen EAST LINE are the professional OEM analog telephone manufacturer.