Wired Telephone Desk Analog Phone with LCD Back light

Model: ECG-610

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Wired Telephone Desk Analog Phone with LCD Back light.

Model: ECG-610


1. FSK / DTMF dual system optional.
2. 12 digits LCD screen. 50 groups incoming call records, and 15 groups outgoing call records check.
3. Real date and time display.
4. Different ringtones optional, & ringer volume adjustment: ringer 4 steps and hands-free.
5. Flash time 100/300/600/900/1000 ms optional.
6. 3 groups alarming clock with different ringtone.
7. Functions keys: hands-free,redial, hold, pause, mute, set, fast keys etc..
8. To work without batteries and with back light.
9. Super strong lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference.
10. Packaging: 20 pieces per carton box.
11. Accessories: each gift box including 1 pc X telephone base, 1 pc X handset, 1 pc 2M Coil Cord, 1 pc 1.5M tel line, and user manual.
12. EAST LINE Corded Phone can work without batteries.

EAST LINE is the China Professional Landline Phone Manufacturer Supplier.