Hotel Phone Wired Telephone with Caller ID

Model: ECG-203

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Hotel Phone Wired Telephone with Caller ID, Single Line Phone.

Model: ECG-203

Wall Mountable Portable Caller ID Telephone with clear loud sound.

1. FSK/DTMF dual system selection.
2. 12 digits LCD screen. 50 groups incoming call recordes and 15 groups outgoing call records check(8 digits).
3. Last number redial.
4. Tone/Pulse modes.
5. Memory for 2 speed dial.
6. Transfering a call from one phone to another via PABX.
7. LED ringer indicator.
8. Set date and time.
9. Support 2 positions: wall and desk.
10. Pause function.
11. EAST LINE Phone can work without batteries.
12. Accessories: each gift box including 1 pc X telephone base, 1 pc X handset, 1 pc X 2M Coil Cord, 1 pc X 1.5M tel line, 1 pc X user manual etc..

EAST LINE is the China OEM Telephone Manufacturer / Factory.